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Tom Williams / Wheelbarrow Ridge & other stories

  • Tom Williams / Wheelbarrow Ridge & other stories
Hidden in deep grass, beyond the line of the distant ridge, half-remembered hopes fall prey to savage chance and lie broken or, finding fresh earth, rise again with tender growth. The stories of Wheelbarrow Ridge are each a landscape, populated by searchers who yearn for the horizon that they have never crossed, or whose need for understanding leaves no intimate stone unturned. But as the sun rises and sets upon each story, what the searchers find lies outside their expectations.
Tom Williams resides in the Blue Mountains, where he has written about wilderness for forty years. He is the recipient of international awards for adventure writing and was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize in 2013. Wheelbarrow Ridge is his first collection of short fiction.
978 1 76041 083 4, 116pp




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