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Jude Aquilina / Furry Tales

  • Jude Aquilina / Furry Tales
Chat, kato, neko, kitska, meo, kedi, cat… No matter where in the world cats have settled, they are cherished by those who adopt them. How amazing it is to have this wild little furry beast, tamed, clean-living, inside your home and obviously enjoying your company (and food). In Furry Tales, Jude Aquilina shares her poetic musings on moggies. She has never lived in a house without cats; between these pages, she celebrates the cats in her life, and other cats with all their glorious, quirky traits. Illustrations by Angelee Theodoros, well-known cat portrait artist, complement the poetry and bring to life Furry Tales - best read with a cat on your lap.
978 174027 923 9, 54pp




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