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Karen Armstrong / If We Could Fly

  • Karen Armstrong / If We Could Fly
'The beautifully quirky title of Karen Armstrong’s first collection of poetry maps the final journey of a friend who is dying of cancer. These poems capture the warmth of unselfish love; of a relationship despite trying circumstances. A pact between two friends where one shares the burden vicariously as the other faces debilitating illness and inevitable death.' Peter F. Pike, Managing Editor, FreeXpresSion
'With unpretentious simplicity and directness, Karen Armstrong conveys the tangled emotions - defiance, confusion, anger, black humour and acquiescence - experienced by two friends confronting one’s imminent death. These poems, unified by images of feathers and flight, convey the fragility and lightness of being mortal. They build slowly, without sentimentality, through past memories and present moments towards the inexorable moment of parting when the future must be faced alone. These poems will strike a chord with anyone who has tackled the stony stages of loss.' - Janet Upcher
'This collection of poetry will move you and linger in you long after the vigil is over. It will bring you out from the little black box we keep ourselves tucked into. Armstrong presents the harrowing circumstances as they are with acute sensitivity. The poems are quietly terrifying as they draw us to the bright light of death. They are a potent mix of sorrow and need, an ongoing state of mourning for the poet’s friend. This is a book necessary for life. Enjoy this book. It insists.' - Karen Knight
978 1 76041 108 4, 78pp




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