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Jo Baker / The Journey to Here

  • Jo Baker / The Journey to Here
‘The poems in The Journey to Here are wise and often whimsical; some are dark as obsidian, others crystal clear with the joy of life. Jo Baker is a born storyteller, a lover of language and a strong woman who’s not afraid to confront and write about life’s challenges. Baker combines rich details, sharp observations and a wild imagination with rhythm and rhyme in this memorable collection of poems.’ – Jude Aquilina
‘Joanne Baker’s life changed dramatically after a car accident deprived her of her mobility. However, the enforced leisure allowed her to give voice to her experiences; this is the voice she has allowed us to hear in The Journey to Here. This, her first book of poetry, is the story of her journey through life: through the dark times, the lighter times, until the present. Her struggles and observations have enabled her to become more assured in her approach to living, to find the ‘lighter’ side of her present times. Many readers will identify with the insights and decisions made on each stage of her journey. This may be Joanne’s first anthology; I doubt it will be her last.’ – Maureen Mitson
‘A collection of poems with something for everyone – witty, warm and wise.’ – Sharon Kernot
‘With a blend of seriousness, humour and grace, Joanne Baker chronicles her life’s experiences, challenges and triumphs. Her poetry gives voice to her emotions and observations, and reveals her life’s journey through dark times and light.’ – Connie Berg
978 1 74027 808 9, 88pp




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