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Jacqueline Buswell / Song of a Journey-woman

  • Jacqueline Buswell / Song of a Journey-woman
‘Jacqueline Buswell’s first collection of poems is a very solid contribution to contemporary Australian poetry. Hers is a journey with eyes wide open, a well-tuned voice and firm steps into evocations and ironic reflections. A great fusion of rhythms and forms, themes and personal experiences. Lucidity and compassion.’ – Mario Licón Cabrera
‘Jacqueline Buswell is an interpreter and translator with an intense interest in Spanish/English communication. Many of her poems are concerned with the lack of justice and insensitivity at world trouble spots. If the inequities of the world can only be lamented, we can at least attempt with our communication ‘a bridge of paper’ ‘fragile as a great-aunt’s femur’ to build strong communities, friendships and love relationships. The political and personal merge with gusto. Buswell’s poems are easy to like. Although I first heard this poem six or seven years ago, I think of it frequently.’ – Julie Chevalier
978 1 74027 818 8, 92pp




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