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Carolyn Cordon / Tense & Still

  • Carolyn Cordon / Tense & Still
‘I have known Carolyn Cordon for many years and I’m proud to call her my friend. I have read her stories and watched as her poetry developed. Her poetry journey began in pain and self-examination, yet has continued to grow into joyous maturity. Tense & Still is the culmination of that journey. In Tense & Still Carolyn turns her perceptive gaze outward. We not only get to see all sorts of animals in their everyday lives, but we have the rare opportunity of seeing through their eyes. She captures the cold-blooded instincts of the hunting dog, reluctantly tame, mercilessly stalking its hapless prey. We feel the careless sorrow as a passer-by as they observe the common remnants of roadkill and ruminate on the life that once was. In Tense & Still, you will find all sorts: dogs, cats, birds and bugs - warm-blooded and the so very cold. All the Tense and Still creatures you could want and some you’ll be glad to never meet. Tense and Still is Carolyn’s best book yet.’ - Joanne Baker
978 1 76041 207 4, 64pp




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