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John Egan / Lines Continue Forever

  • John Egan / Lines Continue Forever
‘John Egan’s poems are finely crafted, revealing a deep perception of his surroundings and resonating with a richness of experience. He is an eloquent word-weaver, and he writes with a sensitivity that draws the reader into a world that is at times evocative, nostalgic, humorous and beautiful. John’s poetry is a pleasure to read, and an enjoyable foray in to contemporary Australian literature.’ – Vicki Harrold
‘John Egan is an eloquent poet. His walks through the city’s streets take him to everyday places, to the ordinary and the mundane, where his poet’s eye shines light on the places, things and objects most of us fail to see. John writes honest, clean, crisp poems that will enlighten the reader.’ – Ken Setter
'John Egan's poetry is crisp and eloquent and bristles with insights.' - Polestar
978 1 74027 875 1, 80pp




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