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* Antony Fawcus / The Ethiopian Afar & other poems

  • * Antony Fawcus / The Ethiopian Afar & other poems
Some of these poems reflect the light caught in my daughter’s camera during her work in a village community in the Ethiopian Afar. Others are more random shafts of light caught in the prism of my mind and split into a rainbow of reflections about life and death and the half-world of hopes and dreams that lies between. As is the case with rainbows, they are composed both of sunshine and drops of rain. I trust that somewhere amongst them you will also find a pot of gold. At the very least, if you buy the book, you will be contributing to a pot of gold to sustain the work of Barefoot Initiative in Ethiopia (see You may also be interested in becoming one of the growing number of people who like
978 1 76041 004 9, 114pp




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