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Brenda Eldridge / From Patagonia to Australia: Collected Prose

  • Brenda Eldridge / From Patagonia to Australia: Collected Prose
The stories collected here from Tales From My Patagonia, Down by the River, It’s Still Out There, There’s a Rainbow Serpent in My Garden and Eastwards are like a running journal of discovery. There will be others, because my discoveries are not finished by any means and I always have to write things down to make them real. But with each trip out into what I now lovingly call my extended garden, I am free of angst and, while in some respects no longer the innocent child, I learn more and more why I have always felt so at home in Australia.
'…for Brenda, "Patagonia" is not the known location in South America, but her name for that place of the heart where one feels completely at ease, able to be simply oneself… Brenda's style is deft and assured, seemingly straightforward, attractive and spontaneous, but don't be deceived; this apparent spontaneity is not the result of jotting down the first thing that comes into one's head, but the outcome of a mastery of the craft of writing acquired in the hard school of experience.' - Episteme
978 1 74027 898 0, 200pp




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