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Caroline Butt / Pumpkin

  • Caroline Butt / Pumpkin
Pumpkin is a sociological study - rather a case study, with all the warmth of the human experience of one family, and especially of one girl growing up in that family…’ - Betsy Wearing PhD
‘This is a truly beautiful book, a post-war coming of age Sydney memoir…at a time of great societal change…rich in metaphor and life wisdom, very much of its time; lyrical, poetic, sometimes serious, sometimes sad and laugh-out-loud funny…complex, understated, warm-hearted…a highly religious, innocent, left-handed, nerdy girl growing up on Sydney’s Lower North Shore, in a non-affluent, stable and loving home.’ - Edwin Wilson FRAS
Caroline Anne Butt was born in Sydney in 1944. She tells a bitter-sweet tale of a young child in callipers who learns to stand on her own two feet. From a young age, she experiences power and powerlessness in family, religious and patriarchal settings. She questions their foundations unaware she’s travelling down Robert Frost’s less travelled path. While she finds her own true north, even then tides always turn.
978 1 76041 697 3, $35.00




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