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Judith E.P. Johnson / between two moons

  • Judith E.P. Johnson / between two moons
Between Two Moons is a delightful gift by Judith E.P. Johnson from Tasmania, an island far in the south. The scenes she captures with her warm-hearted and observant eyes in her daily life, and also in nature, are quite charming and agreeable. This collection will be my favourite for a long time.’ - Satoru Kanematsu, author of Hazy Moon
‘Judith E.P. Johnson’s haiku sparkle with the quiet intensity that is characteristic of the best of the form. Their quirky images draw our attention to unexpected meanings hidden in the trivial, the everyday, or the minutiae of nature, forcing us to contemplate and see anew. Exquisite miniature paintings, they continue to resonate in the mind’s eye long after the page is turned or the book closed. ‘ - Robert Cox, co-editor of Behind the Masks: Gwen Harwood Remembered by her Friends
978 1 74027 988 8, 36pp




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