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Adèle Ogiér Jones / Afghanistan - waiting for the bus

  • Adèle Ogiér Jones / Afghanistan - waiting for the bus
Political themes are common in these poems, though more often it is the snapshot of ordinary Afghan people affected by the ongoing war, and the international security assistance forces and international aid agencies which feature. The title poem, 'Waiting for the bus', captures much of this. Loneliness, love and loss are common themes, with the backdrop to all of it the land - remote, rugged and beautiful. While the picture is dark, there is hope in these poems - and sometimes a rare humour.
'This is not the snake oil version of events purveyed by military and government spokespersons, nor the confused swill of corporate media. It is a quiet contemplation in 54 poetic works written by a civilian woman in sojourn with Afghani people. A book to embrace.' - Rhonda Jankovic, Spoken Word, 3CR
978 1 74027 447 0, 75pp




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