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Adèle Ogiér Jones / From the Edge of the Pacific

  • Adèle Ogiér Jones / From the Edge of the Pacific
‘Another collection of experiences and imaginings from the watchful eye of the poet who gave us Afghanistan - waiting for the bus. Here, the poet weaves and gifts us with yet another salusalu (garland) of memories of and a passion for people struggling to adapt to the realities of their environments, that at times constitute “land beyond repair” (Somewhere Islands) yet, continuing to live dignified and worthwhile lives, “strutting proud against the grass” (Magpies of Taveuni).’ - Konai Helu Thaman (Songs of Love: new and selected poems)
The earliest poems in this collection were written between 1990 and 1995, and others twenty years later. They were written in and for different countries of the South Pacific, including Australia, a bigger island on the edge of the Pacific.
978 1 74027 725 9, 76pp




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