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Adèle Ogiér Jones / Beyond the Blackbird Field

  • Adèle Ogiér Jones / Beyond the Blackbird Field
The poems in this collection were written in Pristina and Prizren (Kosovo), and in Dubrovnik - each with their rich stories and heritage. The title represents a new era for the Balkan region, beyond the historical conflict of Kosovo’s ‘Blackbird Field’, so poems are grouped in line with sunset, evening, or night falling on tranquil landscapes, beyond war. Early dawn promise is reflected in the later Dubrovnik section, with a final tale set on Mostar Bridge which has come to symbolise freedom and peace.
‘Adéle Ogièr Jones takes us on a journey into the shadows of Kosovo struggling in the aftermath of war - trying to make sense of loss and displacement, and learning how to adjust to allow ‘new harmonies’. Her powerful poems make you simultaneously reflective and hopeful through stories only poetry can deliver.’ - Wendy Fleming (Melbourne Poets Union)
978 1 76041 192 3, 94pp




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