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Dianne Kennedy / Tea Leaves of the Soul

  • Dianne Kennedy / Tea Leaves of the Soul
"It is through the creative arts that we can place ourselves inside the experiences of others and feel the many-dimensional nature of humanity. Though poetry may be considered as a ‘gentle art’, it can be uncompromisingly powerful and demanding. The poetry in this collection is an anthem to the experiences forged through travel, family and viewing nature as a spiritual awakening. Demands are placed on the ready to see the world and human interactions not as random selections but actions that carry the burden of cause and effect as dictated by man. In this, the reader can journey with the author in a parallel dimension where the wonder, empathy and pathos created in these poems have the ability to transport, so enabling the reader to revisit their own personal journey and see that adventure anew. It is indeed a consummate skill of the poet that can transmute the reader into the poet’s world and find the journey familiar to their own." - Fay Forbes
978 1 76041 111 4, 84pp




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