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Dominic Kirwan / Where Words Go When They Die

  • Dominic Kirwan / Where Words Go When They Die
In this collection of poetry the author explores the many facets of what it means to live life through the lens of schizophrenia. And yet it is more than that. Black humour, irreverent mayhem and cheerful tragedy all vie for the right to co-exist within unreality’s dark prism. Where Words Go When They Die sways from surreal, bleak and unrelenting to darkly funny and complex. A motley range of sad, deranged and zany characters join with the author’s own voice to create a deeply personal statement of intent. It is a testament to the will of a deeply flawed scribe who had no choice but to write his way out of his own personal hell. That this collection exists at all has made it all worthwhile.
978 1 74027 729 7, 86pp




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