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John Malone / Seeing Things

  • John Malone / Seeing Things
"John Malone’s lively and quirky imagination produces widely appealing poetry. The poems in Seeing Things are keenly observed, accessible and often humorous or whimsical. How fortunate we are that one of South Australia’s most published children’s poets is sharing his other poetry here in Seeing Things. Malone’s subject matter is diverse, from bovine weather forecasting in the poem ‘Cows in a Paddock’: ‘… you can tell what the weather / Will be like by studying cows in a paddock’; to recalling surgery, hospital and delirium in ‘The Pink Hippo’: ‘You wonder what will come next. You go to the toilet. You piss piranhas.’ Indeed, Malone has us Seeing Things anew in this rich poetic offering." - Jude Aquilina
978 1 76041 100 8, 58pp




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