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Gordon McPherson / My Shout

  • Gordon McPherson / My Shout
My Shout is a collection of poems reaching back to the 1970s and extending almost to the present. The author’s interest in, and obsession with, the use of words began at Elizabeth Vale Primary School, as an old Strathmorean among other Ten Pound Poms in the halcyon days of an expanding education system. Gordon’s working life, as a teacher of drama and of English was a constant reminder of, and inspiration to, his love of words and might well explain the title of this book. Walt Whitman had his barbaric yawp and Gordon himself sometimes enjoys a fully extended howl at the verbal moon. He believes that there is no subject beyond the reach of poetry, and quantum physics, Palaeolithic cave paintings, witchcraft and soccer balls all make an appearance in his work, not to mention the occasional political aside. Now retired and to all intents and purpose living a quietly married life, Gordon is a regular participant at North Eastern Writers, Poets at the Pub and Friendly Street.
978 1 74027 930 7, 84pp




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