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Adrian Rogers / The Sun Behind the Sun

  • Adrian Rogers / The Sun Behind the Sun
The Sun Behind the Sun covers a great diversity of subjects, moods, and scenes, with four distinct threads interweaving their way through the collection. Journeys, the nature of time, the four seasons, and that question with so many possible answers: what is real, and what is illusory? As for the collection's title, read the last poem, decode it, and you'll have an answer.
'This collection of poems intertwines images and reflections from Ireland and Australia, using the migration of geese and the sharply contrasting natural environment to make a very satisfying whole. Each poem stands alone but, read together, make the unfamiliar familiar and comforting.' - Adele Ogier Jones
'This book is one that all lovers of good poetry should add to their libraries. It will become dog-eared from the pleasure of constant reading and re-reading.' - Beyond the Rainbow
‘…a book to be enjoyed for its own sake, its quality of fine, delicately balanced verses, and the line-by-line artistry of words and rhythms… All of these poems dip into reality and turn it to beautiful music. Only a talented poet can do that.’ - The Write Angle
978 1 74027 860 7, 70pp




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