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Adrian Rogers / The Prisoner's Messenger

  • Adrian Rogers / The Prisoner\'s Messenger
These poems are presented as entries in a prisoner’s diary - one who is, by implication a prisoner of conscience. These entries, preceded by a brief prelude hinting at recurring themes, represent his thoughts and memories. He does not focus all the time on the daily realities of imprisonment - how could he, and remain still sane? He looks back in time, remembering people and places, all the while visited - indeed, illuminated - by a white dove, whose presence represents to him peace, love, freedom, enlightenment and, above all, in her coming and going, hope. But when the dove makes her final return, looking through the window bars she sees an empty cell. He has been released, love has triumphed. But has release been achieved because a government willed it, or by his passing beyond this mortal life? Let the reader decide.
'…as exciting, intriguing and enjoyable as his previous books.' - Setu
978 1 76041 196 1, 68pp




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