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Christine Ingleton / Mim's Story

  • Christine Ingleton / Mim\'s Story
Orphaned at four, growing up at a time when the stigma of illegitimacy was lifelong, divorce scandalous, and cruelty in the home left to take its course, my mother confessed her shameful origins to her children only when she was in her sixties. She died without knowing who her father was. But a subsequent chance meeting in her birthplace Broken Hill revealed more to her family than she ever knew. Despite hardship and tragedy, Mim lngleton had the resilience, energy, intelligence and love to raise three children, organise South Australia’s first community kindergarten, support Adelaide‘s early initiatives for young people with disabilities, and mentor international students. This is her story.
Christine lngleton’s professional career (BA, DipEd, BEd, MEd) focused on teaching and learning with high school students, community groups, adult literacy, university students, professional groups, academic staff, and evaluation. Her three children, four grandchildren, tennis, golf, travel, music and reading continually enrich her life.
978 1 76941 029 2, 116pp




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