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Anne M. Carson / Two Green Parrots

  • Anne M. Carson / Two Green Parrots
Two Green Parrots positions our lives in a broader, ecological context. Anne M. Carson’s poems affirm human culture and values in the face of implacable realties. Beauty and suffering are skilfully interwoven to create poems with the meditative power to move and sustain.
‘Anne Carson's rich lyric poems are the product of a sharp eye, alert to any particular bird, tree or loving gesture. We can almost hear her human subjects, fully alive in their world. In it, love commands a dancing harmony of language, for Anne Carson’s poetry is also music. And her pastoral is immensely detailed. Hers is the art of attentive inspiration. For any reader at all, she will articulate delight.’ - Chris Wallace Crabbe, poet
‘With a painterly eye, Carson’s gaze directs a catalogue of beauty and grief in poems that revel in lyric description of birds, foliage, clouds, rivers, seedpods and trees. Meditative and magisterial, these poems turn to art and music, as well as nature, to list under the weight of human love, tenderness and loss. Slow time accrues.’ - Shari Kocher, poet
978 1 76041 715 4, 84pp




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